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Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 48: Are you ready for some football?

College football is here! Time for some fun times grilling and tailgaiting with friends. And time for some Alabama football! Roll tide! I found these pants one day at Goodwill, they fit well but I thought were too casual for work pants with the lace up front. They reminded me of football pants and that is where I got my idea.

The safety pin was my mark on where to cut. I simply cut off some of the legs.

Since the pants were semi-fitted but stretch I folded over 2 times and tacked each leg on the side so I would not rip the hem. I actually sewed them while the pants were on (and hence no picture). Then I tied the strings in knots. Done!

Now I am ready for some football!

Now my camera was misbehaving with focusing. You have/will be noticed that a few of my pictures are out of focus. No idea why. I am slightly uncomfortable of wearing them out since they are kind of tight. But maybe on a lazy Sunday in the comfort of my own home, they will work. I also they would make a great last-minute Halloween costume should I want to be a football player. Luckily I can easily remove the tacks and make them longer. Yeah!

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Halfway done!



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