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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 33: Gluten Free Cupcakes

Well happy labor day everyone! Can you believe it? I have survived 1 month on this 60 day project. I am shocked I have not thrown everything out the door and quit. lol. But I am managing. And it looks like we are going to make it with projects! Yay!

Today is a gluten free review. I miss cupcakes immensely. I found this mix at TJ Max and thought I would give it a go...

The mix was a thinner sort of mix

The directions call for a lot of butter and it has to be melted. Then poured my batter. Almost like a cookie batter. Yummy but different.

Cook as per instructions. You HAVE TO LET THEM COOL BEFORE YOU EAT. Why? Because you need the butter to harden in order to keep the cupcake together. I went for a warm cupcake and had crumbs everywhere.
Also another problem I had was I poured them too deep in the cupcake holders. I thought I had more end photos, they have disappeared into computer oblivion. But the tops began to cook but the bottoms were not truly cooked.

Overall the taste was good but I think I can use less butter. Like at least another tablespoon less. It did feel greasy. I am so sorry for the lack of end pictures! Camera went nuts. Of course it only goes nuts when I need things for my blog. :(

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