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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 37: Charity sewing, pillowcase dresses

Many of my new years goals was to reduce my fabric stash and sew for charity.
I have already done 2 shipments to Bundles of love ( see here and here).
But another thing I wanted to do was make pillowcase dresses with alot of this fabric I knew I was never going to make something for myself.

I got my pattern and information from Dress a Girl Around the World, an Organization that gives dresses to girls in need all over the world. A wonderful organization. I could not be any happier sewing for them.

I cheated and made templates for 3 different sized dresses to make cutting easier. BTW i didn't use the arm holes on the templates b/c I forgot about the seam. Whoops!

Here is all what I made, there were too many dresses to fit in 1 picture so I split it into 3!

4 Size small dresses!

10 Size medium dresses!

10 Size large dresses.

How much do I love that orange that I know I can't wear myself but mixed with the turquoise and yellow. OMG fabulous!

I sent them off and they are on their way with a mission trip. I am so excited they are going to people in need! Makes me happy. I have now donated 132 items to charity this year!!!!! Completely superceeding my goal. :) Yay! And it reduced my fabric pile.

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Mary said...

Hi Lauren,
I just discovered Dress a girl and have begun sewing some dresses. I am in north Alabama and am glad to know of someone else in my state. Are there any reps in Alabama I could send my dresses to? I have been unable to find one. Should I just send them to the main DAG address? I would be ever so grateful for any info. I was hoping for a group to join.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for finding me. Actually I found a lady in Northern Alabama who I sent them to instead of the DAG place. Please contact me (see email on side of blog) and i will give you their information

Mary said...

Thanks a million, Lauren! Will do.

Mary said...

The E-mail link did not work for me. Could you please send the info we spoke of to:


La La Lauren!!! said...

Shawbellydance at yahoo dot com is my email :)

The Domesticated Princess said...

I love this idea. I need to look into it because I enjoy sewing, but my daughter only needs so many pillow case dresses herself, so making them to donate is perfect!

Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.blogspot.com


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