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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 50: Flowered Spaghetti Dress Refashion

Found this dress one day. It was lovely, just slightly too big, but it looked like it had never been worn! The fabric quality was wonderful.

The first thing that needed to be done was the straps were way too big and needed to be shortened. I opened up the seam just slightly and pulled out the strap. It took me several tries but I found where I wanted it to be (about 3-4 inches from where it was!). Repeat on the other side.

The dress was already looking better. There was minimal left to take in on the sides so I opted not to do so. I would have to undo a lot of seams and lining in order to make this dress fit more. I decided it was not worth the effort. I did decide though, I could take off some of the bottom. I cut off the bottom hem.

Then I ran the bottom through my serger to finish the edges and prevent it from fraying. I folded it up an inch and ironed/pinned down. Sew!

Done. Paired it with another belt b/c I like to show the waist. And here is the dress! Happy! If I paired it with a cardigan it would still be work appropriate!

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