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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 35: The Jersey Shore Called....

Day 35!! So do you even pick something up from a store and then question yourself about your choice of clothing?

When I saw this the ONLY though that came to my mind was Jersey Shore. Maybe something Snooki's Grandmother would wear out. The worst thing was the pockets! OMG those pockets with the blue flowered fabric. I mean why???

First thing was I was going to remove those pockets! I don't know what is worse about those pockets or shoulder pads in refashions. It is a CLOSE call! I watched the Olympics and happily pulled off those pockets. You could still see where they were but at least they were GONE!

Next I didn't like the length nor did I like the top portion of this skirt. It just seemed off and didn't fit. I mean why blue flowers? First I removed the zipper. I continued to open up the seam for later so I could put back the zipper. Then I cut off some of the top. Good bye blue!

I folded over the uppermost top and sewed down.

I also reshaped it b/c the skirt was now big.

 Next I put back the zipper b/c I liked the length.

BTW if you don't have an invisible zipper foot you should get one for your sewing machine. It is a must have and makes life so easy. I made sure to close up the rest of the seam, which I used my regular zipper foot. Now to fix the top. I folded down the top again after adding a small dart. Now we were in business. I added a small hook to the skirt. And Poof! We were done.

Now I am not saying that this skirt still isn't Jersey Shore b/c it is zebra print. BUT..... at least it looks better. And sorry no fist bumping or poofs will be in any of my pictures.

For more of my 60 days of posting click here. 27 more days to go!

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Lovely Light said...

Another great re-fashion!


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