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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 44: The Tiana Dress

I found this dress and was happy that I found a dress with long sleeves. Sweet, just what I need.
It is not bad, its not hideous, it just needs some fitting. It was a large and I could tell. So all what I needed to do was slim it down using my dressform. Then sew!

Easy peasy!  Here is the end dress, I felt it needed something to define the waist area so I added a black belt.

Now I called it the Tiana dress and one of the reasons I bought it was it was made by a company called Tiana, who reminds me of my best friend. Here are the 2 of us through the years... I am so going to miss her so much when I move to DC. Le sigh...

Love you Tiana and everytime I see this dress I will always think of you! :)

For more of my 60 days of posts click here. I can't believe it is day 44! Wow 16 more days left and we are so not ready to move, lots of reasons! Eeek!


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