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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 61: Gluten Free Pasta Review

It is day 61. I have made it that long. Utterly crazy really. Today is a gluten free review. A tale of 2 pastas.

First is an all corn pasta.
It does not take long to cook. The water does turn slightly yellow. Looks like pasta. However, I can only handle so much corn pasta. It is heavy. No matter what sauce I use I don't want to eat it for the next day as leftovers. I will but that is my extent. Slightly sticky in the end. I will probably not buy this again. Just too much

Next is corn fusilli. It is a mix of corn and rice.

This one takes a little longer to cook (13 minutes) than regular pasta. It does not turn the water yellow. And looks like normal pasta (not so yellow as the above mentioned pasta. The taste is much more delightful. And I can eat more of it without feeling so big. I would definitely purchase this one again. Much like good old fashioned regular pasta.

Now if only they would make gluten free ravoli, I would be a happy girl! Hope everyon had a great weekend! Until tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

I agree, I prefer rice and corn blends to straight corn pastas too.

La La Lauren!!! said...

:) Yup! Will never make that mistake again!


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