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Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 41: Quick Crop Jacket Fix

I found this Dark Olive, almost military green crop jacket, for $0.99. I like wearing light jackets to work during the spring and summer for certain dresses, I "thought" this would work as is, but.... there were some major issues.

It had elastic everywhere to ruche things! 5 total: 2 front, 1 back, 1 on each sleeve. ????!!!! Why

So easy fix! I pulled out my seam ripper and and ripped those pieces out one night while watching TV.

The problem was the poor fabric after each was ripped out had been bunched up for so long that it did not want to go back to the original shape. With some water, steam, and a HOT iron, I pulled those gathers out. Yay!

Finally this crop jacket looked normal. It still pulls when I use the button....

Eeek!! 41 days done! Wahoo! 19 more days left! Wow where has the time gone?? I can still keep going! How funny is that??? Getting nervous about my move.

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