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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 51: Gluten free ice cream cone review

Yesterday I announced I am going to 90 days of blogging. Because I am officially crazy. I did count my projects and reviews and I am positive I can do it! Now I must truly put my sewing pedal to the metal! Today is a gluten free review as I try and still (yes still) find my camera cord.

I love ice cream. I don't eat it all that much but when I do I like to eat it with a cone. Cones are on the NO-NO list for gluten people. Sigh.....

Then I found these at the store! Giddy!

The cones looked normal....

Add ice cream...

Eat..... Wow tasty! They taste like normal ice cream cones. Even boyfriend approves! These are definitely a WIN and I could purchase them again! The price isn't bad. It is just something I would not buy on a regular occasion. I don't need to eat ice cream every night. But would be perfect for  a party! :)

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1 comment:

Shiloh said...

That is so cool!! I had no idea there were GF cones. THat makes me very happy.:) Ty


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