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Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 45: Goodbye sleeves sweater vest

I have had this top for a while now, and I have loved it for work. But I realized why it was at goodwill, the underarm seam had slowly began to rip away. This was not something I could fix since it was chiffon. So I decided to pull them off. While watching tv, I used my seam ripper to tear away the sleeves and the faux shirt part. Luckily the knit sweater part was just simply sewed together so the vest part was already finished. Thank you!

Pulled off all of the thread and I had a completely reusable sweater vest. :) Perfect for work and the colder weather! Sometimes, refashions are just simple and uncomplicated. :)

Sorry for the bad picture. My camera was not wanting to behave! I think when the battery gets low it doesn't focus as well. Because that entire batch of pictures were in and out of focus. And I have no idea why!

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