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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 32: Hair flower #2

Happy Labor day weekend! Today is a craft day. It is for a hair flower for my dance students. This one I really didn't have a "plan" but things worked out!  I found metal flowers on clearance at Michael's.  And there were 5! Wahoo! Just enough for each dancer.

I wanted to make bigger ones and use up some of my scrap fabric too. First I decided I was going to add a ruffle to cushion the metal and fluff it up! So I made a tube... sewed a gathering stitch....

Next I pulled off the backs of the flowers. They were meant to be jewelry or pins

Next I circled the metal casing with the ruffle.

Here it is done. I used good old hot glue!

We had a hole in the back of the flower. So I stuffed it with the scraps of the felt I had.

Then I added a circle of black felt to cover everything up and make a base for the pin and clip.

Done! BTW the ice pack was for my poor fingers that I had burned making all these flowers. 
Some of my students wore them on their hips with their costumes as you can see here.

Not bad huh? And again very inexpensive to make since I got them on clearance! :)

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