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Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 52: Tribal Fusion Choreography DVD Review

I recently used this DVD as a basis for my students.

I mostly did only the choreography section. There is a warm up and cool down section but I did not really watch it. Here are some screen shots from the DVD

Ok so here are the pros of this DVD.

  1. The choreography is really cute. There is a lot of room to add your own style to it
  2. Her final performance is filmed in an old castle- totally awesome!
  3. The videography is good, no weird close ups. She is dancing in front of a mirror. You can see all of her
  4. She does the choreo and then walks through it
  5. This is a great choreography for a Rennaissance Fair. 
Here are the cons of the DVD
  1. There are absolutey NO counts in any of the combos. NONE. There are a lot of AND 8 sort of deals. Something that would seriously help you out when you perform the dance by yourself. If you are a counter, this will take you longer to get.
  2. There are times bad  video editing. There are a few spots that she doesn't finish her sentence.
  3. There is some different terminology. Some of her moves she calls different each time. And at times it is hard to tell exactly what she is doing. I changed several things because of this.
  4. She does not always dance what she teaches. There are several parts she forgets to tell you to do. Some parts of combos are missing. 
Overall I like this DVD. I am happy I purchased it from Amazon. For more of my 90 days of blogging (from 60!) click here.


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