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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 43: Madame X fishtail skirt try #2

Trying it again and determined to get the right numbers. Last skirt was way too wide.

Here I am cutting. I thought I would have enough for 2 skirts. Wow I was wrong!! I basically cut the same pattern piece but I removed 1 inch from each side at the leg part. Everything else about the skirt was fine.

Again used the walking foot for pretty seams

Fishtail insert is just a half circle

Add your skirt semi-sewn together at this point. Yes this is a pain to pin.


Skirt is done.

 Let's compare to the other black skirt I made.

Now you may ask/think I am off my rocker. I think this skirt would look great with a pink costume. Here is an example from one of the costumes I have in my closet. Sorry for the bad pictures. My camera started to act funny.

But the fit is much better!There is less bulk in the waist area. So taking off that 1 inch helped immensely and I am no longer swimming in my costume. :)

For more of my 60 days of blogging see here. 17 more days left!! wahoo!


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