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Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 34: Modified Krissy Hair Flowers

Hope everyone had a fabulous labor day weekend! Today's post is a craft. For my dance students, they earn flowers. I was looking for flower patterns b/c the fake flowers that were available were hideous and I found nothing I actually liked.

I found the Krissy tutorial on Fancy Schmancy Boutique and fell in love with them. :) I decided this would be a good start to make flowers for my dance students. I purchased the pattern. 

I do not have any during photos, because this is a pattern I bought and it is copyrighted.... but also my fingers were covered in hot glue like it was no body's business. I slightly modified the pattern for the petals to fold over, mostly b/c I should not have used hot glue and I had it everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! So I had to hide it! But I also thought that having them glued down may help during times with a veil. The less you have available to grab, the better it is to dance with a veil. :) As you can see in the lower picture here is what I made.

I made 2 versions. The medium and the large. The large one I added red beads to match their costumes. The medium ones I just kept simple black. Because of the hot glue that got everywhere, I tried to pick it off but not everything came off. My deadline didn't help. I added some sequins to help cover up the glue, which for the stage lights will make them glow and sparkle that much more. 

Here are more pictures. I so far have none with them in my student's hair. I will pin them down have a photo shoot soon and repost.

The back of the flowers.

If you are interested in the Krissy tutorial click here. I definitely want to do this again when I have more time and I am not making 12 of them with a time crunch! ! If you want to see more (and trust me she has some fabulous flower patterns that make me drool!) click here! I am eyeing the Enchanted for decorations in the new apartment when we move to DC next month. The apartment could use a pick-me up!

I would like to Thank Fancy Schmancy for allowing me to use her photos and for the wonderful tutorial. I promise to try again and make it the right way! 

Day 34 done! 26 More days to go! Wahoo! For more of my 60 days of blogging adventure click here.


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