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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 49: Plaid skirt refashion

It all started off like this... A bad 80s suit.
I love plaid but I don't love that much plaid. I actually gave the jacket back to goodwill, it barely fit and would take too long to fix it and I don't have that much time. I just wanted the skirt.

First I marked where I wanted the hem to go for the skirt with some chalk. Cut off.

I finished the edges with my serger and then folded it up about 1/2 an inche and ironed/pinned down. Sew with the sewing machine. Done!

Here is my new skirt! Will be great in the winter time! And it has pockets. I love pockets. First tried it with a longer more form fitting shirt.

Eh wasn't a fan. Tried it with a tuck in shirt to show off the high waist. A little bit better. I am much more balanced out...

I have to work with this one b/c it makes me look curvy. I am still debating on whether I should toss the pocket (I know sadness) and take it in to slim it down. Ongoing debate! I am leaning towards removing the pockets. I definitely need to iron this skirt!

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Avic said...

add a red belt for a pop of color

La La Lauren!!! said...

that is a good idea! thanks!


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