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Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 55: The purple top

So I made it and finally got a post done before ten on day 55. Didn't think I could make it. But I did. Ha!

Again one of those, "I can wear this shirt as is" when I purchased the top at Goodwill.

But then I put it on and bleh, it is kind of boring. Sort of big. Not digging the turtleneck. And it was in need of some slimming down. And that is what I did!

First I took it in the sides.

Then I fixed the turtle neck. Basically I took the turtleneck off and folded under the leftover fabric. Sew down by hand so I could regulate the tension.

So slimmer and the turtleneck gone. ahhhh. For the rest of my 90 days of blogging see here. Now to work on tomorrow's post. I expected to get more things done this past weekend. My body had other plans.


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